CLEVELAND (WCMH) – America’s heart-shaped state is going back to its roots with its marketing campaign.

Ohio is relaunching the slogan of decades past: “Ohio: The heart of it all,” Gov. Mike DeWine unveiled at Cleveland’s Karamu House Theatre Wednesday morning. Replacing the tourism-focused slogan of “Ohio: Find it here,” DeWine said the retro phase better represents the state’s position as a center of technology, education, agriculture and family.

Ohio’s newest marketing campaign slogan is “The heart of it all.” (NBC4 Photo/Mike Klug)

“What we’re promoting is more than just a travel destination,” DeWine said. “We are promoting all of our great state holistically, not just tourism. But we want people to come to Ohio, we want people to explore Ohio, we want people to love our great state as much as we do.”

Ohio was the “heart of it all” for nearly two decades, from 1984 until the slogan “Ohio. So much to discover” was established in 2001. In 2016, the state adopted the “Find it here” slogan, emphasizing the tourism industry.

With 75 state parks (and another one on the way), dozens of public and private universities and Intel and other technology giants staking their claim in the Buckeye state, DeWine said the “flexible, versatile” slogan represents how Ohio is a “great place to live, a great place to work, a great place to raise a family.”

“We believe it’s time for a creative, unifying brand that positions Ohio for today,” DeWine said. “Our new brand is about family, is about friends, is about connections. This brand resonates with Ohioans because it speaks to what all Ohio really is about.”

The slogan reveal coincides with the launch of a broader marketing campaign – a new commercial will air Wednesday with photos and videos representing the state’s focus on technology, education and family. Ohio also commissioned a new anthem, “Must Be the Love,” written and performed by Akron soul band Wesley Bright & the Honeytones.

Ohio tourism raked in $53 billion in 2022 and 233 million visitors, both record highs, DeWine said at the press conference. He said he expects the state to break that record in 2023.

“Ohio truly has a great quality of life, and we improve the quality of life for people around the world,” Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said.