COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – 79 year-old President Biden tested positive for COVID-19 with his age putting him at a high risk, but it also makes him eligible for the antiviral drug Paxlovid.

The White House announced President Biden has mild to moderate symptoms and is taking the anti-viral drug at home.

The drug isn’t just available to the president, local official’s told NBC4 it’s available in Ohio. It just depends on what pharmacies have it readily available and if you qualify as someone who can use it as treatment.

“The option of first choice for everybody is Paxlovid,” said Dr. Joseph Gastaldo, infectious disease doctor for OhioHealth. “Paxlovid in the clinical trials, has the greatest risk reduction. The issue with Paxlovid is that it has many drug interactions with commonly used medications that people take.”

The drug is two of the treatments being giving to patients with mild cases of COVID-19 to help them remain out of the hospital and without sever illness the other is the Monoclonal Antibody treatment.

Not only does the drug help increase Biden’s recovery chance, but the president is also fully vaccinated and has received both booster vaccines which increases his recovery rate despite being high risk.

Infectious Disease Doctor from Ohio State, Dr. Mahdee Sobhanie says testing early also plays a big part in keeping these cases from taking a turn for the worst.

“We know that if you get treated early it can prevent from winding up in the hospital,” said Dr. Sobhanie. “And ya know, having any other complications related to COVID.”