COLUMBUS – The Ohio Black Expo and Cultural Festival celebrates the past, present, and future of Ohio’s people, places, businesses, and organizations. NBC4 is proud to sponsor the Ohio Black Expo for the second year of the event.

This multi-day, family-friendly event during Memorial Day weekend draws thousands from around the state of Ohio, surrounding states, and beyond! Expo week begins in the days leading up to Memorial Day Weekend, which is May 26 – May 30, this year, with free registration for all events. A custom app will be used for easy access to each event from any device.

While COVID-19 caused a delay in the 2020 and now 2021 return to downtown Columbus, the committee has expanded its virtual event to add unique experiences. Each of the Virtual Expo Hall events will allow attendees to speak with booth representatives via two-way live video or chat. Expo Hall events include a Virtual Career Fair, an HBCU College Fair, and a Black Business Expo with vendors from around the state.

Popular events from last year will return, including the Small Business Conference, Seniors and Caregivers Workshop, and Health and Wellness Workshop, and the Black Expollence Webcast.

The Small Business Conference aims to address the fact that the overwhelming majority of Black-owned businesses have zero paid employees. Experts will give attendees action items to put them on the road to becoming job creators, which will help address the disproportionate unemployment rate in the Black community.

The Seniors and Caregivers Workshop this year will focus on the memory epidemic that affects African Americans at a higher rate than any other demographic. Memory loss is a precursor to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Health and Wellness Workshop will focus on all aspects of health with an emphasis on taking control of your health through making smart lifestyle choices. Emphasis will also be placed on mental wellness, which is crucial with the number of stressors that affect Black residents in Ohio.

With something for everyone, the Ohio Black Expollence Webcast is a 3-hour live stream that includes a balanced mix of entertainment, honors and recognition for Black veterans, active duty service members, community members, high school and college graduates, and businesses.

Ohio Black Expo founder Rhonda D. Robinson says, “We are excited about expanding this year’s virtual expo, but we are eager to return to in-person events next year, culminating with the riverfront festival here in Columbus.” Dates for next year’s event are May 25 – 29, 2022.

To participate in the 2021 Ohio Black Expo go to