COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Asian American Pacific Islander community in Ohio leads that state in being vaccinated against COVID-19 by nearly 10 points.

Ohio Department of Health data is broken down in race by eight categories: Asian, American Indian Alaska Native, Black, Multiracial, Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander, White, other, and unknown.

Both Asians and Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders are at least 45% vaccinated, according to ODH data. Whites are the second most vaccinated at 37%. Statewide, 38% of people have either started or completed the COVID-19 vaccination process.

Ohio COVID-19 vaccination rate by race:

  • Asian 45%
  • American Indian Alaska Native 27%
  • Black or African American 22%
  • Multiracial 9%
  • Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander 46%
  • White 37%

Around 10% of the 4.5 million Ohioans listed their race as either unknown or other.