COLUMBUS (WCMH) — More vaccine on its way to Ohio, as well as existing stocks, mean that Gov. Mike DeWine has opened up Phase 1C and Phase 2 eligibility.

On Monday, DeWine announced a vaccine shipment into Ohio of 448,390 doses, with 96,100 coming from the newly approved Johnson & Johnson. About 246,000 people are eligible in the 1C group.

“Because of the additional doses and because of what we’re seeing in uptake … there is available vaccine in a number of sites right now, we felt it was time to expand the group that was eligible,” DeWine said.

Phase 2 adds approximately 695,000 Ohioans, and allows anyone 60 and older to get the shot. Previously, those 65 and older were older.

Phase 1C includes residents with certain medical conditions or working in certain professions:

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Bone marrow transplant recipients
  • People living with ALS
  • People working in childcare services, funeral services, and active duty law enforcement officers, federal law enforcement officers, and corrections staff, plus active duty firefighters with a fire department certificate, including volunteer firefighters.

Two hundred independent pharmacies across the state will receive vaccines in addition to locations at commercial pharmacies, hospitals and local health departments.

Phase 1C and Phase 2 can begin receiving their shots on Thursday morning.