NEWARK (WCMH) – At least a dozen people were hospitalized after a gas leak at an education center in Newark on Friday morning.

The natural gas leak, which stemmed from a mechanical issue, forced an evacuation at the C-TEC Career and Technology Education Center of Licking County just before 10 a.m., according to fire and school officials. 

At least two classrooms of students were affected, causing an evacuation of the secondary school building. Eventually, students were allowed back into the building around 11 a.m. — although the Newark Division of Fire asked that people avoid the area until further notice while the investigation continues.

Although some students and staff were transported to the hospital initially, nobody experienced “serious conditions” or was admitted, according to school officials.

The Newark Division of Fire also posted that multiple agencies were responding to reports of a natural gas leak at C-TEC, but that there were no life-threatening injuries. While they confirmed occupants could return, they asked others to avoid the area.