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New report shows increase in reported sexual assaults on Ohio State's campus

COLUMBUS (WCMH) --Reported rapes increased for the second year in a row on Ohio State University's campus. This is according to the university's annual crime report. 

The report says in 2017, 71 rapes were reported on campus with 57 being reported in 2016. 

University officials say they believe more victims are coming forward and reporting their story. 

"The report is actually about support. So we don't want that to be a scary thing. We want people to feel confident and comfortable in coming forward," said Kellie Brennan, compliance director and Title IX Clery Coordinator. 

Crimes against women are up according to the crime report. 

Forty-four cases of dating violence were reported in 2017 as well as 21 incidents of domestic violence. 

The university says it's time to change the rape culture on campus. Officials recently launched a mandatory sexual misconduct training for all students. 

"We ultimately believe if people have access to the services that they want that will lead to increase reporting," said Brennan. 

An additional problem the university is seeing, burglaries on campus. Mainly in residence halls. 

Police are working with students providing safety tips on campus and assigning an officer to each hall. 

"As far as the university as a whole it is safe. We want to make sure the students feel that way. We want them to maintain their educations and let the parents know that their students are safe," said Interim police chief, Kimberly Spears-McNatt. 



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