It’s about having fun while learning. Harmon Middle School in Pickerington is the first to roll out a brand new program that isn’t your traditional classroom.

It combines testing knowledge and physical skill.

The Lu interactive Playground is a way to help kids stay physically active while actively learning along with it.

Kamryn Danspy, a 5th-grader, loves the new fun program.

It’s fun and you can learn at the same time while you’re being athletic,” said Danspy.

“I think it’s really fun because it has some kind of educational, but has competition,” added Holden Thompson an 8th-grader.

The program will be introduced in the upcoming school year inside all three Pickerington Middle Schools. Pickerington is the first district in Ohio to have this technology. 

There are 10 different apps students learn from and this all takes place during a 40 minute PE class during the week for 5th and 6th graders.

Director of Instructional Technology Brian Seymour tells us the school just got the program two weeks ago.

“Brain research shows that kids and adults learn better when they’re moving. So kids are up and moving they’re fully engaged as you can see behind us really looking at we’re doing math problems and we’re in a gym classroom,” said Seymour. “Bring those both together and hopefully have a more engaging environment and really learn that material and retain it as well.”

“We’ve learned the coordinates on graphs and stuff, math problems on the walls and spelling. We’re learning and having fun with our friends,” said Danspy.