COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Nationwide Children’s Hospital announced Wednesday a $3.3 billion five-year strategic plan that includes new research programs and a new hospital tower.

The hospital describes the announcement as the most ambitious strategic plan in its 129-year history. It says it will add leading clinical and research faculty, launch a fetal-medicine program to help infants who need treatment in the womb and build several new health care and research facilities.

Master facilities plan for Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus

“We need to make sure that we have the state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to provide state-of-the-art care,” said Nationwide Children’s Hospital Chief Strategy Officer Patty McClimon.

The new facilities will include an inpatient hospital tower mirroring the existing 12-story one. It will also include a new orthopedics and surgery center, research facilities, and investments in the hospital’s areas of leadership in pediatrics.

“Through this plan, our team continues to put children at the center of everything we do, always grounded in our mission to ensure all children have access to the finest care regardless of ability to pay,” Nationwide Children’s CEO Tim Robinson said. “This is about making children’s lives better. We are ready to do even more.”

The plan will be financed through a combination of philanthropy, operations and debt funding.

The expansion will also go toward increasing the hospital’s programs for children and their families, including investments into stable housing and school-based health services and expanding research into behavioral studies to better treat and diagnosis mental health in young children.

“We’ll be really thinking about the whole child, their mental health, their physical health, and their environmental health,” McClimon said.

The hospital will further invest in Partners For Kids, an accountable-care organization that supports quality care for almost all children served by Medicaid in more than half of Ohio counties.

An expansion will be in behavioral health research, where Nationwide Children’s will seek to better understand the nature of mental health in children and to develop better diagnostics, treatment and preventative strategies. Hospital employees will partner with other local behavioral health organizations to help address the need for patient access.

On Our Sleeves, a national movement for children’s mental health launched by Nationwide Children’s in 2018, will expand with the aim to provide every community in the country with free resources for breaking child mental-health stigmas and educating families and advocates. The platform has served 2 million people since its launch, with plans to double those efforts.

And Nationwide Children’s will reinvent its Zero Hero program to further “preventable harm.” The hospital will establish The Center for Clinical Excellence to focus on reducing unwarranted variation in care, improving communication, and defining, measuring, and sharing clinical outcomes.