COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–History is a full-time passion for Rita Fuller-Yates. She takes Facebook followers through time and introduces them or reminds them about Columbus’ Black History.

She gets surprised every time someone shows interest in forgotten history.

“I am in shock, but I am not in shock,” she said. “Everyone loves their own stories.”

That is why Fuller-Yates is showcasing untold or forgotten stories based in Columbus’ Black community. They are featured in a new book “Columbus Black History: Images from our Past.”

The first volume of the book is available on Tuesday, Feb. 1. It covers 200 years of the local black experience and showcases 250 images of places, movers, shakers, everyday people.

Those are people we can’t forget and those are the people that sowed into our daily lives to inspire us every day not just through a history book,” said Fuller-Yates.