COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A new business owner is left feeling defeated after someone smashed her storefront and burglarized her business. 

Columbus Police are investigating the smash and grab at Shugar Daisy’s Bakeshop. 

Plywood is in the place of a glass window at the front of the shop.

Owner Achaia Hunter said seeing her business in this condition is upsetting.

“It infuriated me,” said Hunter.

Police told her it was a target of a smash and grab.

“Immediately when I heard those words, I just broke down in tears,” said Hunter.

Her bakery has only been in business for less than 6 months.

“I just felt how can someone just come in and in a matter of seconds — literally seconds — how can someone come in and violate you and you put in all of this work,” said Hunter.

Hunter said two men broke into her bakery, stole snacks, and expensive equipment.

“They came in and took the KitchenAid mixers which everyone knows is an expensive item. It’s a hot ticket item and they came in and took it right off the shelf,” she said.

“My family and I, we have worked so hard and I just feel like we didn’t deserve this. We are great people. We don’t bother anyone,” she added.

Opening her business was a lifelong dream come true and serving the African-American community is what makes it all worthwhile.

So to find out that the burglars are from her own community hurts.

“I feel there’s an outcry of not enough African-American businesses. Not enough places to call our own. It’s not worth it. That quick couple 100 bucks you’ll make in street cash it not even going to amount to the amount of blessing you’ve now removed from yourself,” said Hunter.