CINCINNATI (AP) — Ohio University students have alleged forced excessive drinking, stripping, and grueling exercise, as well as long periods of confinement in basements, during a probe into hazing.

The university announced earlier this month the suspension of its 15 fraternities. Hazing has also been alleged against some sororities, business fraternities, and organizations including the school’s marching band and rugby team.

The new allegations were obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request.

According to the complaints made by former and current students, many of them said they were forced to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and take drugs.

In one case, the complainant said 25 pledges were told to clean a house. In another complaint, one group forced their female pledges to carry a fruit like blueberries or lemons and have them visible at all times. If the fruit was not seen by the group’s members, the girls could be forced to carry a watermelon all day.

In another complaint, a male student said he was forced to live in a damp basement. He claims he was hazed and when he had an asthma attack, his fraternity brothers took him to the hospital, but later said he wanted nothing to do with the organization.

Ohio University says it has lifted restrictions against some fraternities and organizations amid its probe.

In May, the university expelled Sigma Pi fraternity for hazing, alcohol and drug use, and other student conduct code violations after the alleged hazing of an 18-year-old student who died last November. Sigma Pi said the student wasn’t a pledge when he died.