NEW ALBANY, Ohio (WCMH)–Some parents are calling for action in the New Albany Plain Local School District.

They are sounding the alarm over two concerns with a special school board meeting taking place, right now.

The first issue is a mandatory mask-wearing policy. Right now, masks are optional. The special meeting has a discussion scheduled for this topic tonight.

Parents took to public comment at the last school board meeting and shared their concerns about the delta variant. There were some parents who spoke in favor of the current policy.

Last spring, before school ended, the board of education voted to lift the mask mandate and make it optional for future school years, unless there was a health order or law enacted.

The agenda said it will allow for public participation, an update on covid 19 data, and more discussion or potential modification of health and safety policies.

The item up for discussion or potential action is regarding an individual board member’s communications.

That could possibly regard controversial tweets that school board member, Phillip Derrow, made about masking that has since been deleted.

NBC4 reached out to the district to confirm that the Twitter account is in fact a school board member’s and was referred to the board’s agenda and the bullet on member communication being a topic tonight.