ATHENS, Ohio (WCMH) — Several cases are making their way through the courts that are connected to the community of Nelsonville. Here are updates on cases involving the death of Eli Spangler, the disappearance of Bryan Kyle Bridgeman, and the Bellar family.

Donald Platt (21CR167 Athens County Court of Common Pleas) in connection with the death of a child Eli Spangler, charges: involuntary manslaughter, endangering children, and tampering with evidence, released on recognizance under a $25,000 bond. Final pretrial was scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021, but Platt did not appear.

“The defense attorney for Mr. Platt did not attend due to childcare issues, and informed his client not to appear either,” said Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn in an email statement to NBC4.

“The Athens County Prosecutor’s Office was unaware of the situation. The court staff was not present and a new hearing date has not yet been scheduled. Eli Spangler’s mother was present and informed of the situation. The prosecutor’s office is requesting a trial date.”

The indictment of Platt alleges that he had a firearm on or about his person or under his control while committing the offense and displayed the firearm, brandished the firearm, indicated that he possessed the firearm, or used it to facilitate the offense.

Lindsay Marie Coon (Woolever) (21CR0424 Athens County Court of Common Pleas) charged with: engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, unlawful transaction in weapons, possessing a defaced firearm, and having weapons under disability (three counts).

In Coon’s indictment on Sept. 16, she was said to have admitted to dependency on fentanyl. The indictment also alleges that she provided a gun to her husband Paul J (PJ) Coon, a convicted felon. The indictment goes on to say that Coon was seen at 6 p.m. on June 4 with Bryan Kyle Bridgeman, the date of Bridgeman’s disappearance. Lindsay Coon is being held under a bond of $350,000 at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail, and her last court appearance was on Oct. 27.

Paul J. Coon (2021CR28 Fairfield County Court of Common Pleas): Currently held in the Fairfield County Jail after violating community control. According to court records, Coon was placed under supervision for five years but left Ohio without permission. He was arrested in Alabama on a probation violation. He’s been in Fairfield County Jail, where he has been held on no bond since Oct. 18, and he has an active case in the Fairfield County Court of Common Pleas. His next court appearance is Nov. 22.

Robert Bellar, (21CR168 Athens County Court of Common Pleas) held in SEORJ, bond denied, under engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, and two counts of endangering children. Currently on trial. The indictment states that Robert and his wife, Deborah (Debbie), obstructed justice and tampered with evidence concerning sexual abuse. The indictment chronicles alleged abuses over nine pages.

Deborah Bellar, (21CR0169 Athens County Court of Common Pleas) currently held in the SEORJ, bond denied. The indictment against her chronicles alleged abuse and alleged engagement in a pattern of corrupt activity over nine pages.

Jonathan Bellar, (21CR0171 Athens County Court of Common Pleas) for gross sexual imposition. The indictment for Jonathan Bellar alleges that from April 1, 2008, to about April, 30 2016, he had sexual contact with and purposely compelled such person to submit by force or threat of force. Held in SEORJ under a $100,000 bond. Next court date will be on Nov. 18 in Athens County Court of Common Please.

Josiah Bellar, (21CR0170 Athens County Court of Common Pleas), held in the Warren Correctional Institution in Lebanon. Indicted on three counts of rape and two of gross sexual imposition from April 1, 2008, to April 30, 2016. The indictment alleges Josiah Bellar engaged in sexual conduct with a person who was 5-12 years old. The second count alleges sex with a person who was 10-12 years old, the third count was rape with a person who was 12 years old.

Jimmy Childs (21CR0222 Athens County Court of Common Pleas), charge: disorderly conduct, a minor misdemeanor. Plea of guilty filed in July. Ordered to pay court costs, and surrender his Ohio Peace Officer Training Certificate. He was advised of the right to appeal under Criminal Rule 32. This case is now closed.