NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — A nationally-renowned printmaker from Texas traveled to Nelsonville to learn papermaking at an artists’ studio.

Delita Martin, of Black Box Press Studio in Huffman, Texas was in residence at Paper Circle in Nelsonville where she learned to make paper for her nationally-recognized prints.

Martin described the chance encounter that led her to Nelsonville.

“I was having an exhibition at the National Women’s Museum in Washington D.C. and one of the ladies here, Scout [Ery] came to the exhibition,” recalled Martin, who received her MFA in printmaking at Purdue University.

“We started talking,” said Martin. “All of my works are on paper, and she told me she was a papermaker. We started talking, and she presented me with this opportunity a few months after we’d met. I was just over the moon excited about coming.”

Ery, Executive Director of Paper Circle on West Columbus Street, said the studio’s focus is “…really on artists and making paper. We sell online and in the studio as well.”

It takes about a week to make a sheet of paper from start to finish, and they make them in batches of eight to ten sheets.

The studio is primarily for artists making paper, printmaking, and bookbinding, although it also has a gallery shop at the front of the house.

The print Martin made during her time at Paper Circle is titled “Star Chaser.” You can see her work or visit the studio to learn more about paper arts.