NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — The search for missing man Bryan Kyle Bridgeman intensified Saturday as family, friends, and volunteers met under the Nelsonville Cross.

Linda Johnson, who always called her grandson “Kyle,” said she wants closure.

“I miss him,” Johnson said. “I want closure. I want to find him. If need be, we will put him with his mom. He deserves that dignity of a burial.”

Bryan Bridgeman lived in a trailer behind his grandmother’s house and came over regularly for meals, medication, and company. Johnson said she knew her grandson was missing when she didn’t hear from him all day because he called her many times every day.

That was two months ago on June 4.

Saturday, Aug. 7, was Bridgeman’s birthday.

“Bryan was a good fella,” his grandmother remembered. “Kind-hearted, loving — he loved his family. He would do anything for somebody. If they needed something and he had it, he’d give it to them.”

The family follows every lead that comes in on social media, continually searching the brush around Nelsonville.

“There’s a lot of trails going down this hill,” Johnson said about starting Saturday’s search at the cross, which is planted at the top of a hill, and woods slope steeply away from it.

On Saturday, a new force joined family and friends looking for Bridgeman. Called the Golden Hearts A Voice 4 The Voiceless, they have a young cadaver dog, an equine team, and organized volunteers who look for missing people.

The Golden Hearts, out of Coshocton, were contacted via the Nelsonville Crackheads Facebook page. On Saturday, the Golden Hearts sent a representative to speak with volunteers and a cadaver dog.

In the coming week, Golden Hearts said drones will fly over the area. They will send in an equine team and volunteers will divide up search areas and go door-to-door with fliers.

The group’s cadaver team will search for Bryan Kyle Bridgeman.

People with leads that may lead to the recovery of Bridgeman’s body should contact the Athens County Sheriff at 740-593-6633. The sheriff will follow up all leads, and also will bring out dogs as well when the situation warrants it.