NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – Nelsonville police have taken a man into custody Thursday, calling him a “monster” after what they described as a violent hostage situation.

The incident started when a woman walked into the Nelsonville Police Department, Tuesday, and told officers her 30-something-year-old daughter had been attacked. The woman had photos that showed her daughter with a bruised face, bloody hands and potentially broken bones, according to NPD. The woman did not know where her daughter was or if she was being held captive.

NPD said it learned of a suspect in the case and identified him as Thomas Michael Martin. Martin had reportedly abducted the woman, held her hostage in a garage and beat her multiple times when she tried to escape. NPD officers also had suspicions Martin was potentially armed with a gun.

When officers first started looking for Martin, NPD said there was no luck finding him. However, they later checked in a residence off North Harper Street, where the homeowner gave them permission to look inside. NPD said its investigators found Martin there and immediately arrested him.

Authorities took Martin to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail for active warrants, adding on a felony charge of abduction. Alongside two cell phones and his wallet, NPD said it also found a bottle of pills with Martin, and sent it to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for lab testing.

As for the victim, who had gone into hiding, her mother gave NPD more details to help officers find her. Nelsonville police said they got in contact with the victim and got her medical treatment.

NPD referred the case to the Athens County Prosecutors Office, and the police department expects additional charges to come.