There is a huge need for foster parents right here in Franklin County and Franklin County Children Services says the need isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Fifty percent of children enter foster care in Franklin County because of some kind of addiction issue within the home, according to Franklin County Children Services.

That’s why Franklin County Children Services says the organization needs more foster parents.

Tracy Jones has been a foster parent for more than 10 years and said there’s one moment that makes it all worth it. That is when she receives a call from a foster child she housed.

“They call and say, Ms. Tracy, I just want to call and thank you for what you’ve done. I might not have been the best child that you’ve had but I do apologize for the things that I’ve done and I just wanted to call to say hello and thank you.”

Jones said it began when she took in her two nephews who she has since adopted.

She said she takes in teenage boys because she feels there are not many parents who are comfortable with that age group.

She said while she enjoys being a foster parent, it definitely has its challenges. 

“These young people they want to go back home,” said Jones. “They have a different lifestyle than what you’re giving them.”

Jones added each child comes with a different kind of trauma based on their family dynamic.

Something she feels prepared to handle.

“I tell them whatever has happened outside before they walk in the door it’s in the past. We’re going to start fresh.”

It is part of the focus for Franklin County Children Services.

“So our foster parent training which happens every single month is designed to really give the foster parent a trauma lens perspective,” said Candelaria Mota who works with the Nation Youth Advocate Program. “So that when the behaviors come up, you are prepared, you are ready.”

Franklin County Children Services wants to make sure they get their point across that being a foster parent is temporary and once you become a foster parent, the agency will continue to provide you with help.

“There’s so much competition now for people’s attention. You now sign up for this program, donate for this cause,” said Deborrah Armstrong with Franklin County Children Services. “So we always just have to be out there and let them know, please remember the children.”

The next foster parent training class will be held May 21 at 527 S. High Street.

If you want to learn more about becoming a foster parent in Franklin County, call 614-275-2711 or go to