COLUMBUS (WCMH) — NBC4 is taking time to salute one of our co-workers who is celebrating a remarkable anniversary: 40 years with the station.

Charles “Buzz” Busby started carrying a camera here in 1981, back when the camera gear that the photographers schlepped around weighed 70 pounds. But he is still standing, still shooting, and still making a lot of people smile every day.

Buzz has told the stories big and small, ones that unfolded in Ohio and across the nation. Those include ones sometimes difficult to tell.

“Car accidents, death, disappointments. Shooting those kinds of things I wish I could forget,” Buzz said.

For his most unforgettable assignment, he spent a week with NBC4 anchor Colleen Marshall at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11 in 2001. And he was with NBC4’s Cabot Rea after floodwaters claimed lives and destroyed others in Shadyside, Ohio, not far from Buzz’s hometown, in 1990.

But there also are the highs, such as covering Ohio State in big bowl games, going to Los Angeles to interview Ellen DeGeneres, and going to Cleveland for the NBA All-Star Game in 1997.

“I didn’t know it was the 50th anniversary, so all the stars from my childhood was there,” Buzz said.

Buzz has shot living legends, and the father of singer John Legend, who launched a hat business in Ohio. And of course, he and his camera have focused on the nation’s leaders, including former President Barack Obama.

“I got a picture of myself and the president, and I sent it out to every member of my family,” Buzz said. “It was the high point of my whole entire career at that point. I mean I was just that excited.”

And 40 years in, he is still excited, still shooting, still on the hunt for the next great story.

“There is nothing better than the career I had,” he said. “The career I had has been so phenomenal, and it’s been something I never thought I would experience. And I think that’s been the joy and the greatness of it all. And most of all is the relationships that I have been able to build off of the people I have met in this business.”