COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — NBC4 Chief Meteorologist Dave Mazza is sharing more about his recovery after two back-to-back surgeries on Monday, including a procedure on his nose to correct a deviated septum and a second to remove a polyp on his vocal cords.

Dave and his wife Crystal spoke with his NBC4 co-anchors Jennifer Bullock and Jerod Smalley about his journey back to health on Thursday. Since Dave is not allowed to speak after his laser vocal cord polyp surgery, Crystal was able to be his voice in the conversation.

Crystal revealed that although the Mazza house has been quieter, she misses hearing Dave’s voice, and conversing with him has been like a “never-ending game of charades.”

However, Crystal said Dave is being an “excellent patient and very gracious” while trying to communicate and that it has been wonderful having Dave at home because “the TV news schedule is a little wonky at times.”

There was also a scary moment after Dave took a walk with the family and their dog around the neighborhood, Crystal said. The exertion resulted in him being “on his back with a fever, feeling the worst he had felt since the whole procedure.” Crystal even made a late-night call to the doctor, but Dave woke up the next morning feeling “much better.”

Watch the full interview between the group in the video player below:

Dave first posted on social media just 24 hours after his procedures that both “went well.” He noted that his deviated septum “was even worse than thought when they got in there, but both docs crushed it.”

He also wrote about his post-op discomfort.

“Shockingly, the pain is very manageable, like I’m 10 hours past any meds (Tylenol) and feel like I have a minor sinus infection,” Dave wrote on Tuesday morning. “My sinuses are very tender to the touch. Removing face dressing on cheeks hurt a bit.”

In a second social media post on Wednesday, Dave made sure to acknowledge everyone’s support.

“First off, please let me say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone for all the kind words, prayers, and encouragement,” his post read. “I was happily overwhelmed by all the love.”