WEST PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WCMH) — A caller advising police of an unknown person in her driveway led to the discovery of narcotics, cash and sawed-off handguns locked in a safe inside a West Portsmouth home.

Around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, police arrived at the 500 block of Coleman Road in West Portsmouth, where a Ford Mustang and a Mazda truck were reportedly blocking the road, according to a news release from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies discovered that a man standing near the vehicles, William Smith, 41, had warrants for his arrests. What appeared to be a black handgun, drug needle, marijuana and a digital scale were found “in plain view” inside the truck, police said.

Randall Shepherd, the owner of the Coleman Road residence, reportedly advised police that a man named Charles Lute, 32, was inside his residence, the sheriff’s office said. Police found that Lute also had warrants for his arrest and requested permission to enter the residence.

While Shepherd went to locate Lute in the house, police eventually entered the residence after hearing screaming and arguing inside.

Deputies found drugs, a firearm and drug paraphernalia in plain view, the sheriff’s office said.

Police searched the house and discovered a locked safe and a “pill press,” but Shepherd claimed he did not know who owned the safe or how it was secured to the walls of his home.

After obtaining a search warrant for the safe, police found 125 grams of meth, 34 grams of fentanyl, seven grams of cocaine, $1,000 in cash and two sawed-off shotguns with lasers, the sheriff’s office said.

Smith, of West Portsmouth, was arrested on warrant for a felony contempt of court charge in the Scioto County Domestic Relations Court, and Lute, of Portsmouth, was arrested on a misdemeanor bench warrant for escape, according to the sheriff’s office.

The case remains under investigation.