COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Twenty-five Mount Carmel nurses received notices that the Ohio Board of Nursing is considering disciplinary action against them.

The cases are all related to the ongoing investigation into Dr. William Husel and the administration of excessive and potentially fatal doses of pain medication to Mount Carmel patients. 

Betsy Houchen, executive director of the Board of Nursing said the nurses will all get an opportunity to present evidence and witnesses at a hearing.

“It’s similar to a court proceeding and there’s a Hearing Examiner and both parties,” Houchen said. “The state presents its case and the nurse presents their case and it’s a quasi-judicial type of hearing.”

The notices contain details of each case including allegations that the nurse “administered the drugs despite the fact that you knew or should have known that the order was harmful or potentially harmful to the patient.”

The disciplinary process can take six months or longer to complete.

The nurses could face reprimands, suspensions or permanent revocation of their licenses.

According to the release the following nurses who worked at Mount Carmel West or Mount Carmel St. Ann’s have been issued a Notice of Opportunity for Hearing: 

  • Mariah Baird 
  • Wesley Black 
  • Jordan Blair 
  • Jamie Bourke 
  • Jacob Deemer 
  • Derek Dreyer 
  • Luke Evans 
  • Joseph Forshey 
  • Earl Huron 
  • Yussuf Ibrow 
  • McKenzie Johnson 
  • Stephanie Karavlan 
  • Kathleen McDowell 
  • Amelia Powers 
  • Chad Readout 
  • Troy Rudman 
  • Tyler Rudman 
  • Trisa Sauber 
  • Jason Schulze 
  • Jason Sims 
  • Tyler Springer 
  • Sharon Surber 
  • Michaela Thompson 
  • Raina Vretenar 
  • Edward Wright 

On Wednesday, Mount Carmel announced they had reported 48 nurses and pharmacists to state licensing boards. 

The hospital says 30 of the employees have been placed on administrative leave, while the other 18 have left their hospital jobs. 

Mount Carmel also announced that it has appointed a new interim clinical leadership team for the hospital as well as new leadership in the intensive care unit. 

Under the Ohio Administrative Procedure Act, the nurses have the right to request an administrative hearing.