COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A mother is speaking out after her daughter’s tricycle was stolen.

But this isn’t just any regular bike.

The bike is specially equipped to help the teen with her special needs.

Julia Issac posted online that her daughter Ivory’s bike was stolen. She didn’t know that a little while later, she’d be standing face-to-face with the girls accused of stealing it.

“My daughter was in tears,” Julia Issac said. “She was crying. She has severe anxiety. Some days, it is hard for her to go outside.”

Ivory was inside the Northern Lights Library on Cleveland Avenue Tuesday when the bike was taken.

“When she called me and said, ‘Mom, my bike’s gone. I can’t find my bike, they’re riding down the street on it,'” Julia Issac said.

Ivory, left, and Julia Issac

Ivory was panicked and scared.

“She was having trouble breathing,” Julia Issac said. “She said, ‘Mom, I can’t breathe. What do I do?'”

Ivory made the call seconds after Columbus Police said two girls stole her tricycle.

“They had to have known it was adapted for a special needs child because the adaptions are on it,” Julia Issac said. “It would hold her oxygen tank. It was just a small one so it wouldn’t bounce around, it would hold it close.”

Ivory uses the oxygen to help keep her alive. The now 16-year-old was diagnosed with brain cancer at 5.

“She spent six weeks in a coma,” Julia Issac said. “She had multiple organ failure. She’s actually coded 10 times since 2008.”

But instead of giving up, Ivory’s determination kept her living, and now she’s giving.

Ivory volunteers hundreds of hours a year doing charity work.

“That’s how much she does,” Julia Issac said. “Even against everything she’s got going on in her life. It’s, I’m really angry. I don’t know why they’d do this.”

Julia said she tried to find out after getting a tip that her daughter’s bike was found near Walford Street hours later. There, she said she saw the suspects.

The two suspects Columbus Police are searching for in connection with the stolen tricycle.

“They gave me the finger, and I said, ‘No, come back here. The cops are on the way. Stand up for yourself,’ and that’s when they took off running,” Julia Issac said.

Julia said she didn’t follow, but at least she got her daughter’s tricycle back.

Julia said the incident didn’t change her outlook on people.

“I’m not going to let one person change what I view of someone else for the whole world,” Julia Issac said. “There are rotten eggs in a basket.”

The thieves caused about $100 of damage to the bicycle.

Police are searching for the two suspects.