COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Expert testimony continued Monday as more than two dozen nurses await an administrative hearing with the Ohio Board of Nursing for their actions and ties to Dr. William Husel.

On Monday, Sarah Blowers, a certified nurse practitioner, testified for the fifth day.

Blowers was questioned by attorneys for the state and attorneys for the defense. She gave her opinion on several patients’ cases and the nurses’ actions leading up to those patients’ deaths.

Attorneys for the state asked for Blowers’ opinion on one patient who had received a potentially excessive dose of fentanyl. Blowers stated that the nurse violated the standard of care by administering the drugs because “the registered nurse needs to understand medication that they are administering.”

Later in the afternoon, Blowers was cross-examined by the defense who looked at the patients’ death certificates, pointing out that none of them listed opioid toxicity as the cause of death.

The defense also questioned Blowers on giving her opinion on medication doses, asking her if she would need to physically evaluate a patient and their status to decide on dosage.

Blowers responded, “Theoretically, yes.”

The defense will have a chance to hear from their expert witness later this week.

The expert testimony will be used in the administrative hearings for those nurses that are scheduled for next month.

No nurses have been criminally charged in this matter but Husel is awaiting trial for 25 counts of murder after he allegedly prescribed potentially excessive doses of pain medication to patients at Mount Carmel.