COLUMBUS (WCMH) — This month’s “Mom Boss” has spent 33 years with Fifth Third Bank in various leadership roles, and for the last six years as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the Wealth and Asset Management division. Stephanie Green has a big job but through all her titles and promotions she has also held the very important title of mom. 

“It’s still a little traumatizing even though my kids are 28 and 29. we made it through. But the early years were you know hard. We were a young family we had kids that were 14 months apart, so they were effectively twins,” says Green.

Green tells us that through those early years she and her husband depended on family and places like the Jewish Community Center to help them balance work and raising two young children. They also made choices based on what was best for their family.  

“It’s just important for everyone to understand that use everyone else’s advice as a guide and you pick the exact path that works best for you.” 

Now that her children are older and living their own, Green has more time to do more for herself; something she recommends for any parent that might be struggling with letting go a bit.  

“Do something that is for you and not may before for them because they will call you and they will need you. Whether they’re 18 or 29, they’ll want you to help the move into the next apartment or the next house or cook them a meal. They will want you and need you but, in the interim, find something for you.” 

And for Green this phase of motherhood has become her favorite. “To watch the young people, the little people that you held, grow and mature into productive citizens that are kind to their community and to each other, it’s worth it. It gives me goose bumps thinking about it because this is why you do it. And we really like them, they’re fun, and when you can laugh and go from a crying laughter with your adult children to serious life conversations it is a true joy.” 

To hear more from Green, watch our story above and the rapid-fire questions where she shares what she stopped doing for her family to save her sanity, and how it’s worked out.