COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — This month’s “Mom Boss” is a designer, realtor and restaurateur helping her husband run six Barrel and Boar locations.

Cristi Adamkosky also spent many years working as a nurse while raising her four children. It was a lot to balance, especially in the beginning. By the age of 21, Cristi was the mother of three including a set of twins. 

“I had to give myself a lot of grace, and I think as moms we can get judgmental of ourselves,” Cristi told us. “Did I make mistakes? Sure. As my 50-year-old self, can I go back and do something different than my 21-year-old self would probably appreciate? Maybe. But you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.” 

Now Cristi is also trying to encourage her children to give themselves grace as our first “grand mom boss.” 

“I think is really important and I don’t think we do that enough,” said Cristi. “Especially with social media the way it is now I’m so grateful I didn’t have that then.” 

Cristi reminds all her kids that what you see online isn’t always the whole story and you control what you see. 

“It’s not always real right. You get snippets of people’s life and not what really real,” said Cristi. “They’re not going to show you the times when they’re anxious and having a meltdown right they’re going to show the times when they have it all together on social media. And I think we compare a lot I think they were failing and that’s not really true.” 

Her advice: step away if it’s causing you anxiety and focus on the happiness of your children. 

To see how Cristi approached those first years of motherhood versus motherhood now, watch our full story. For how she finds balance in a very busy world, watch our rapid fire questions