COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Food allergies and the pandemic pushed this month’s “Mom Boss” into a whole new adventure. Corrina Mohr and her husband, Tom created a chicken-based pizza crust company called TOCO, a company that Corrina is now focusing on full time. 

“Because of my soy allergy and now he’s allergic to gluten and grains, we’ve cut out pizza. And we were kind of like, man, that is such a bummer that is like the best food ever.  And so, we kind of went on adventure of trying to figure out alternatives,” said Corrina. 

As Corrina puts it, they became obsessed with their creation, and they weren’t the only ones. 

“We had our friends and family try it and they were like, this is something that you should take to other people,” said Corrina. 

So instead of finding another corporate job, Corrina realized her desire to be her own boss. She also had a realization when it came to parenting. 

“Having that opportunity to be home with him for weeks at a time. And then realizing I didn’t want to put him back in daycare and that type of environment,” said Corrina. 

The balancing act is tough, but Corrina approaches it with an open mind and realistic expectations. 

“Some days we survive. We do not thrive. And some days are hard. He might watch a little more TV during his TV time on the really busy days that I need to get some emails out or talk to people,” said Corrina. 

She’s also learning to lean on her family more than ever. 

“I feel like my husband and I are both very independent people. We like to kind of do everything on our own. So, it’s been kind of a little difficult to ask for help and not feel guilty about that and not feel like you’re burdening other people with your child,” said Corrina. 

But she’s realized that her friends and family don’t see it as a burden at all. 

“It is nice to hear that and the love they have for your kid. It makes you feel better about dropping him off for a couple of hours,” said Corrina. 

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