COSHOCTON, Ohio (WCMH) — The family of TikToker Georjlyn Hayes has filed a missing person’s report with the Coshocton County Sheriff’s office.

Brenda Hayes, the 20-year-old’s mother, told NBC4 her daughter has been missing since July 12. Hayes at first thought Georjlyn was in Columbus and then Cincinnati, but became concerned when Georjlyn posted a TikTok that she was stranded in Kentucky. The young woman has around 10,500 followers on the social media platform.

Brenda Hayes sent money through CashApp to help Georjlyn, and someone collected it, she said. But that person wasn’t in the same time zone.

“I sent it at 9:51 p.m. and it was collected at 6:51 p.m.,” Hayes said.

Hayes said that a girl has been answering Georjlyn’s phone, but it was not her daughter. The voicemail had changed to a person named Cory.

“The last video posted was the one where she was stranded,” Brenda said.

Since then, family and friends have been messaging the person who has Georjlyn’s TikTok account and cell phone, asking questions that Georjlyn would know, but receiving the wrong replies.

“People have reached out through her social media and they get blocked,” Brenda said.

The mother has called hospitals and jails, and requested wellness checks in Columbus.

Georjlyn helped to discover the body of Sammy Walters in 2018, working daily and wading through poison ivy in the search for him as part of Golden Hearts, a Voice 4 the Voiceless. Lena Wilson, founder of Golden Hearts, is now looking for Georjlyn. Wilson said the group will be entering Kentucky from two different locations and working towards each other to try to find her.

“If you see myself or a team member you know, holler out Golden Hearts,” Wilson said. “I’m here and we’ll hear you to help you.

Wilson gave out numbers to call: 220-201-9525 or 740-591-5039. Wilson is very worried for the safety of Georjlyn.

“Our concern is that when someone is reported missing and dropped out of sight things may go from search to find the missing person, to all-too-often a recovery effort, not a search any longer,” Wilson said. “We are hoping and praying this case ends with her being found and safe.”

If anyone has seen Georjlyn, they can call Kentucky’s State Highway Patrol Post 7, 859-428-1212. They can also call the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office’s main number at 740-622-2411. Deputy Brian Noe is handling the case.