The Mid-America Restaurant Expo draws thousands and is happening Sunday and Monday.

The event shows the most innovative food and beverage products available.

More than 4,000 people travel from all over the Midwest to get a look at the newest and best trends in the restaurant industry.

“Mingle and meet all of these people in my industry and it is a beautiful thing to see the equipment see the peopl interact with each other and network,” Tony Anselmo said.

About 350 booths were set up throughout the Greater Columbus Convention Center with 50 seminars and live culinary demos.

“We’re really excited that the Restaurant Association is located here in Columbus while we represent the state and you know restaurant owners and operators are really up and coming here and getting noticed,” said Homa Moheimani with The Ohio Restaurant Association.

Products, services, produce and flavors related to restaurant and food service industry are available at the event.

“It’s not technically open to the public because it’s trade only but we accept students that are inspired and want to get into the culinary industry, so from ages 16 and up,” Moheimani said.

“I do like Columbus because it’s so centrally located. I live in Cleveland and it’s less than two hours from Cleveland and less than two hours from Cincinnati. It’s very convenient. It’s a homerun. We’ll be here every year,” says Anselmo.