COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The threat of the Coronavirus has organizers with Meals on Wheels already making plans just in case the virus comes to Columbus.

Organizers with Lifecare Alliance say they’ve had meetings for the last few weeks making sure they’ve got a plan in place to make staff and seniors stay safe. 

Chuck Gehring is the CEO of the Lifecare Alliance.  He said he’s been calming staff fears all week. “Everyone is on edge. Concerned. I tell our volunteers the people they’re delivering to. They’re going to be the last ones who are going to be attacked by this,” said Gehring. ​

The discussions with individual staff continue daily at Lifecare Alliance, as the threat of coronavirus is heavy on the minds of officials in the state.​  Gehring reminds everyone to wash your hands if you’re sick stay home.​ ​

“We have communicated with all of our volunteers that if you have any issues at all, contact us and don’t just show​ up and let us help you through this.  We give baths to 50 people a day. We deliver meals to 5000 people a day.

All these services are done in a home. We are hoping we will be allowed to continue with these,” said Gehring. ​ ​ If the coronavirus comes to Columbus there’s already a plan in place.​ ​

“We are going to such extents as we can take meals on wheels to the personas porch. Call them and say we just put it together n your porch come and get it. We could put a cooler on someone’s porch. Call them and say come out and get it,” said Gehring.  ​

​Volunteers will also have the ability to deliver meals that can be frozen or prepared days away which will allow them to only deliver once a week instead of daily.​  Gehring is paying close attention to the recommendations from the health department, leaders and the CDC.  ​ ​