MARYSVILLE, OH (WCMH) — Celebrating 20 years of work at any place is a serious accomplishment for an individual, but at Kroger in Marysville this milestone means a little more to Jason Lyons and his family.

“He’s one of the best people I know,” said one shopper Stephen Boerger.

If you never met Jason Lyons at the Kroger in Marysville, just look for the guy quickly walking to help the next customer.

He says he does it for one reason.

“Keeping people happy.”

Jason has been working 20 years at the same Kroger despite having down syndrome.

His family said he was not able to move or see at birth.

Now they can see all the work and love they’ve put in this now 40-year-old has paid off in the biggest way.

“With his father, and I and his sister working with him every single day every minute of the day, this is the young man we feel we have produced,” said Jason’s mother Sharon Lyons.

As Jason celebrates two decades on his job, everyone else remembers the years of him bringing smiles to their faces.

Jason was given an award and a $100 gift card to his favorite steak restaurant.