MARION, Ohio (WCMH) – Marion police are searching for a suspect after a day-long standoff in Marion Sunday.

Police are looking for Raymond L. Wilson, 49, after negotiations between police and Wilson stalled and officers forced their way into the home and Wilson could not be found.

According to police, an allegation of domestic violence was made against Wilson on Saturday night, with Wilson allegedly holding the victim inside a home on the 100 block of Johnson Street. Police said Wilson fled the scene before officers arrived.

On Sunday at approximately 8:23 a.m., officers returned to the home looking for Wilson. Marion police said they heard a man inside the home when attempting to contact Wilson.

Officers were able to contact Wilson on his cellphone, with discussions between negotiators and Wilson lasting for a period of hours, according to police. Neighbors in the area told police they saw Wilson inside the home during this time.

Tear gas was shot into the home when negotiations broke down after “a period of hours,” police said. When officers entered the home, Wilson wasn’t found inside.

“We had every indication that Mr. Wilson was inside that home, from his words and the observations of officers and neighbors,” Marion Police Chief Jay McDonald said in a statement. “However, we did not find him in the home but we will keep looking.”

According to the statement, Wilson is facing charges of domestic violence, abduction, and inducing panic.

“We will keep looking for Mr. Wilson until he is found,” McDonald said in the statement.

In addition to Marion police, officers from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the Delaware Tactical Unit assisted at the scene.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Marion police at 740-387-2525.

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