MARION, Ohio (WCMH) — A woman who posed as an attempted murder victim to damage the prosecution’s case against her boyfriend has been sent to prison for a year.

Kara Longfellow pleaded guilty Tuesday to obstructing justice and identity fraud.

In a social media post, Marion County Prosecutor Ray Grogan said Longfellow created a fake email account in the name of her boyfriend’s attempted murder victim and then sent a message to the boyfriend, Jason Armbruster.

“At the time, Armbruster was an inmate at Multi-County Correctional Center on Attempted Murder and other charges,” Grogan said. “Longfellow, who was Armbruster’s girlfriend, sent the email using a fake account that she created in the name of Armbruster’s victim. The contents of the email made it appear as if the victim was untruthful about Armbruster’s crime.”

The email was discovered by an assistant prosecutor, who alerted Marion police. Upon investigation, it was determined that the message came from Longfellow and was designed to undermine the prosecution’s case.

“Longfellow attempted to damage the prosecution’s case and keep Armbruster’s victim from having justice,” Grogan said.

Longfellow was sentenced to a year in prison by Judge Warren Edwards.

Armbruster was ultimately convicted of attempted murder and is serving an 11- to 16-year prison term.