COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Since Tuesday, Katie Tippy has been by her husband’s side in the ICU at Wexner Medical Center. It’s not how she expected to commemorate their first month of marriage.

“Cody’s always taken care of me, and it’s my turn to return the favor,” Tippy said.

Tippy said her husband Cody was driving to work Tuesday afternoon when the unimaginable happened.

“He was on 315, passing Goodale, going south and all he really can say is that a car in front of him swerved left to get out of the way, and a rock the size of a football, cement rock came through his windshield, and it hit him directly in the face,” Tippy said.

Since then, Cody has been in the ICU, facing at least weeks of recovery for damage done to his skull and face.

“They were telling him to look around, and they said ‘look to your wife and he opened his eyes and gave me a little smirk,” Tippy said. “That’s how I know he’s still Cody, he’s still in there.”

While she helps him heal, Tippy also wants answers as to where the piece of concrete came from.

“The major emotion that Cody and I and the family are feeling right now is anger,” Tippy said. “We’re angry it happened, we don’t know where it came from. We just want answers. We need peace of mind and knowing what happened will help settle some of that.”

The newlywed didn’t expect to be tested so soon, but said she’s doing what she has to do for her husband.

“You just have to stay strong and you have to stay composed because if you panic in situations like this, you’ll look back and wish that you would have take the time to be with him, make sure he’s ok and also take care of him as his wife,” Tippy said.