DELAWARE, Ohio (WCMH) — Michael Crow, 72, was killed Friday morning when a piece of equipment crushed him while working at Liberty Casting Friday morning. His family tells NBC4 it wasn’t the first injury he had received on the job.

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said their investigation into the fatal accident is still in its infancy. OSHA officials couldn’t release any details on the most recent incident, pending the investigation.

NBC4 obtained records from the explosion at the iron foundry in August 22, 2018, which burned several workers with molten iron. One of the victims died from their injuries, Larry Johnson with OSHA said. Those records show Liberty Casting received multiple violations and was fined more than $70,000 as a result.  

Just over four months later, Michael Crow died in an unrelated industrial accident at the foundry. The incident report obtained from Delaware County emergency services says a piece of equipment crushed the Fairfield County man. When they were able to get the equipment off him, he was no longer breathing.

His brother Donald Crow says his family is in mourning tonight.

“Oh that was terrible. There was no need of that.  I don’t know how he got in between the two walls, how many guys were supposed to handle–I don’t even know what it was,” said Crow. 

Donald told NBC4 he had worried about his brother ever since he says Michael was hurt on the job several months back.

“He was working on this shaker table and the guy helped him turn it on.  It damn near tore his arm off and killed him but it didn’t,” Crow explained.

Donald says he will miss his brother for his heart, and his talent. 

“He was just a nice guy,” he said. “He was a master craftsman.”

NBC4 reached out Liberty Casting for comment about Crow’s death; no one returned our calls.