COSHOCTON COUNTY, Ohio (WCMH) — An Ohio man was convicted after illegally killing a massive buck in November.

According to court documents, Junior Troyer was convicted of false information, attaching an improper tag, over limit for antlered deer, hunting deer without a valid permit and possessing deer parts illegally.

The killing of the 26-point buck that led to the conviction turned a lot of Ohio hunters’ heads.

According to Woodbury Outfitters, the 26-point buck became a local legend in Coshocton County.

Courtesy: Woodbury Outfitters

Hunter Tory Hardesty told reporters with Woodbury Outfitters he and his friends tracked the deer for years and would inform each other of sightings.

Hardesty was shocked on Nov. 10 when a friend told him someone killed the massive deer he nicknamed Hay Rake, but that wasn’t the end of the story.

After seeing a picture posted by a local taxidermist on Facebook, Hardesty called to ask for details and to come see the rack, but the taxidermist seemed worried the antlers might be stolen.

One of Hardesty’s friends eventually called the local game warden, who was able to get Troyer to admit to illegally killing two antlered deer on the same day.

On Nov. 7, Junior Troyer was out hunting and first shot an eight-point deer, but as he was leaving, he came across “Hay Rake” and shot the buck.

Woodbury Outfitters reports Troyer decapitated both, taking the body of the eight pointer and the head of the 26 pointer as one buck to the taxidermist. Then the next morning, he took the body of the 26 pointer and checked it in as a doe, throwing the head of the eight-point buck into a ditch.

Troyer was fined $150 for each charge and will pay court fees plus $27,904.06 in restitution to the state of Ohio Department of Natural Resources. His hunting license has been suspended for one year.