COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Most of us have been stuck at home for months now. Children have had a lot less stimulation since they’ve been out of the classroom. But one Olentangy Orange teenager found a way to help kids stay engaged, learn something new and possibly find a new passion along the way.

Nikitha Bhimireddy wanted to make a change, no matter how big and she is now making that happen. 

“I noticed the accessibility of learning, especially science education because it’s something I’m passionate. It’s decreased.”

She says she has a deep passion for not only science but biology as well. “It’s always sparked my curiosity.”

Students started switching to remote methods of learning once the Pandemic hit so she decided it was time to find a solution. “I knew by using that technology to put out educational videos after that create science zooms would reach out and maybe inspire children.”

The videos range from science lessons about plants, Coronavirus, and even ways to stay healthy while you’re at home. She even started something she’s calling “ScienceZoomz” where she conducts virtual science experiments with kids from across the country. 

“I wanted to directly impact students and I wanted to work with them, talk with them and take something I love and spread it to other young children. We take the theme and send out the email and do the experiments.” 

Bhimireddy says STEM is something more children need to be exposed to and there is no better time than now. “As they grow older, they will want to look into it more,” she explained. 

“I know that was what got me inspired but it’s really important especially for the future advancement in technology and science in general.”

She says she eventually wants to go into medicine and hopes to continue these educational videos throughout high school and her college career.

You can watch the videos here and also find information about how to get your kids involved in “ScienceZoomz“.