For many, the first day of the new year comes with resolutions.  They’re easy to make, but hard to stick with.

Resolutions include losing weight, trying to save more money, school, exercising and getting up early. Whatever your news year resolution may be here are some tips on how to help keep them. 

“My New Years resolution is to graduate with my MBA from the official college of business to become an art director,” said Luke Fenik

“I am always late I’m a bit of a procrastinator and I oversleep pretty much every morning so I would just like to be on time,” said Katie Hammitt.

Regan Walsh is a life coach, speaker and Forbes contributor. She has some suggestions on ways to stay on track and keep your goals.

“The first thing you want to do is get really clear on what is it that you want and why do you want it,” said Walsh.

Walsh says set as many boundaries as you can to succeed. Be honest with yourself and also tell as many people as you can about your new goals so they can also help you succeed. 

“I always encourage my clients to say no to things that aren’t essential. Say no to anything that takes you away from what it is you’re trying to achieve,” says Walsh.

“So I was doing dry January and we were just at brunch at I got a Bloody Mary and there was alcohol in it so I already broke my resolution,” said Blake Ellis.

“Recognize that failure happens and I like to say that we fall we don’t fail. There are going to be days where you might mess up or miss your mark and then start over. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure it just means that you had a bad day and you can pick yourself back up and do something different the next day,” adds Walsh.

The most common resolutions Walsh hears?

“They are thinking of some sort of career transition. A lot of people might also be trying to decide if they’re going to start a family trying to decide if they’re going to pick up and leave whatever city they’re living in,” said Walsh.

Zakariya Bainazarov’s New Year’s resolution… “Mine is to be in a musical this year.”

“My New Years resolution this year is just to be hanging out with my friends more just doing stuff that I want to do and enjoying life in general,” said Noah Reecker.

Walsh adds another great tip is to surround yourself with people who will support you.