COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Faith leaders have a strong message for their community, following the shooting and death of Andre’ Hill.

Bishop Harold Rayford praying in an empty church with the death of Andre’ Hill heavy on his mind.

“It sparked so many emotions, anger, rage, fear, outrage just to name a few and it causes you to wonder who’s safe? At least am I safe? As I watched that video and read that account, I thought it could have been me,” said Rayford.

He wants a full examination and investigation into the culture of the department.

“What bothers me; there are two things that really bother me, number one that the officer involved was a veteran [and] he’s been on the force for years. So, this is not a training issue, it’s a reflection of the heart and the other thing that bothers me is the failure to render aid. Not only by the one officer on the scene but the other officers that showed up late.”

The Bishop also wanted to share this message to local law enforcement.

“My message to the police department is to hold one another accountable, my message to the fraternal order of police is to hold one another accountable. Let’s not just cover this up, let’s not even talk about it, let’s do something so that the citizens like me can feel safe. That when we call the police, when we need you, you’re going to be there and we’re not going to see innocent lives taken.”

In honor of Hill and his life, residents are gathering at Bethel International UMC across town to hold a vigil and march. The community is welcomed as well.

“I think people are feeling beat down, people are feeling bewildered, and of course people are feeling increasingly angry and uneasy,” said Pastor Glenn Schwerdtfeger.

Adding that change is necessary.

“It’s time to start doing something to prevent black people from getting killed in the first place. That’s what we need to do,” said Schwerdtfeger.

Rayford weighing in as well saying, “This is not new, this is not the first time this happened in Columbus. This has happened repeatedly, this is, we hope the last straw, we hope it’s the last time it happens.”