COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic. One in particular finds itself better than where they started, maybe not just because of what they make, but who makes it.

Growlers is a company making dog bones. While our furry friends can attest to the recipe and it’s locally sourced ingredients, it may be the magic touch of the employees that makes this business a hit.

Here you have Baker Rachel… and Door Dash Tommy. Two people making Tina’s dream a reality. “I get to work with my two passions which is working with dogs and working with these guys.” Growlers is a 4 year old Columbus company employing young people with disabilities, who make dog treats from scratch with local products.

“We buy our eggs from Plain City and we grind up our own peanut butter.”

Their dough is made from spent wheat leftover by local breweries. All bags are 6oz and signed by the baker who handcrafted them.

Our dogs are our true consumers. They are the ones that say we need more. And so far they’ve been pretty happy? Yes.” Make no bones about it — the business model has a lot to do with why people keep coming back.

“Its not always about the bottom line it’s about making a difference… I look at what they can do and I’m amazed.

That’s for good reason. Baker Rachel came up with what is now a best-selling product.

“We added bacon because it is Rachel’s favorite food group.”

Bacon Flavor and Original are the two top favorites. Since this business doesn’t believe in keeping anyone out, they created wheat free bones for dogs with sensitives. In addition to hard work, they get to enjoy each other’s company. We see them as we are.

“We don’t see them as they see themselves. So, when baker Rachel says she is the best seller ever, she is the best seller ever.”

This year hasn’t been easy.. They had to move from their original space, which was free, to a different space where they pay rent. What seemed like an obstacle, in a way, became a loop hole. “For everything that was taken away we’ve actually had something added.”

Now they deliver their dog bones, they’re sold on food trucks, and they’ve managed to land 7 new retail partners — Which if you ask them… is pretty dog gone’ good.

A non-profit microlender called ECDI has worked to direct nearly $15 million to small businesses across Ohio who are often overlooked by traditional banks, including Growlers. for more information on growlers products head to