COLUMBUS (WCMH) –COVID-19 vaccines for kids could soon be a reality in a matter of weeks and Ohio is prepping providers to administer those doses. One local doctor said that includes scheduling those shots.

Many parents may be wondering should they call for an appointment soon.

We caught up with a doctor who owns and runs a practice in New Albany.

She said she started signing people up knowing the demand in her community and is trying to fit everyone in as soon as she can.

Dr. Chelsea Mooreland with Life Cycle Direct Primary Care is ready to schedule eligible kids for their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’ve been patiently waiting, and I know a lot of other moms have as well and so I wanted to make sure I got the message out as soon as possible,” she said talking about her decision to start making a schedule.

Dr. Mooreland said parents can call and select a preferred day of the week, but not a specific date.

She has a floating schedule in preparation for the rollout for kids aged five to 11 years old. Once approval is here, she can confirm appointments.

“A lot of people were still like is this real? Is this happening finally? And then I think some parents are still a little bit hesitant,” she said.

She added doctor’s offices and practices are key for the next steps in the vaccination process.

Mooreland said there’s an opportunity to ask more questions.

“Some people are just afraid to ask them,” she said talking about questions. “They think they might be shamed for asking certain things or having certain fears and maybe someone else thinks is unrealistic.”

Life Cycle Direct shifted COVID-19 vaccinations from patients only to the entire community.

She said hesitancy is something she’s addressing with her patients now.

“This week we opened it up to everyone, so we actually had 4 more people come in today on the spot to say hey I want to take my shot and maybe save a life.”

Dr. Mooreland explained she was able to put in her order for the child doses yesterday. Her office put in a request for 300 which she says is the minimum amount for this rollout.