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Local businesses offer alternative to plastic straws

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - Soon you won't find plastic straws at Starbucks.

The company will instead use new straw-less lids or straws made from paper or compostable plastic. Starbucks said it's getting rid of plastic straws completely by 2020 because of their environmental threat to oceans. The City of Seattle recently banned plastic straws and utensils. 

Local businesses in Columbus are already on-board with this movement. 

A & R Creative Group director of business development Alexis Joseph said they began selling metal straws at their restaurants TRISM and Alchemy a few months ago.

"I think we ordered 1,000 for the first batch and we had to reorder them I think after the first month," she said. “We were kind of blown away. We have them at the register and people ask about them.”

She said customers who use a metal straw get 25 cents off their item.

"Having those straws available is kind of an easy way to encourage people to reduce plastic consumption," said Joseph.

Customer Deja Rountree decided it was time to make the switch from plastic to metal.

“We’re not going to have an earth if we keep doing this type of stuff," she said. “I’m trying to cut back at least on my portion of it.”

Joseph said their restaurants also have biodegradable spoons, forks and knives, as well as compostable bowls.

"We really believe in making little steps because those are the things that create long-lasting habits," she said.

But, you have the option on whether you'd like to skip the plastic straw.

“It’s just one tiny step toward making an impact and it might not seem like a huge deal... but over a lifetime kind of like using a reusable grocery bag or using glass Tupperware instead of baggies, over a lifetime it makes a huge impact," said Joseph.


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