We have seen lots of great, inspiring artwork pop up downtown in the midst of the pandemic and protests. But there is one work of art you probably have not seen, because you can only see it from the air.

It’s on an abandoned bridge in downtown Columbus. But what some call an abandoned bridge, Mandi Caskey calls a canvas.

“I was just thinking how cool would it be for this abandoned bridge to be converted into one of these aerial murals,” said Caskey. “I personally always thought they were the coolest things and I always wanted to try it.”

Caskey is the co-founder of Catalyst Columbus. Alongside her co-founder Brian Suiter, they developed the plan to make a large mural on the bridge. After getting approval from the necessary departments, the two went to work along with the help of about a dozen others clearing off brush, mapping it out, and putting paint on the bridge.

“We had planned for probably 35 gallons and even when Mandi suggested that, I said that seems like a lot pf paint,” said Suiter. “That’s got a lot of contingency on it. But within an hour of us starting, we’re like, oh, we need more paint.”

In all, it took 17 hours and 50 gallons of paint to finish. The end result was a beautiful aerial mural designed by Caskey with the unifying message of “We Are Stronger Together”.

“It’s an abandoned bridge and at the end of the day, it brought joy and smiles and a little bit of levity to a really critical time in the city and the nation’s history,” said Suiter.

“Yes, it’s a temporary bridge and temporary mural but hopefully this image and the words will last through the movements and the pandemic as it continues or whatever else develops,” said Caskey.

The project was funded through a grant from the Create Columbus Commission, allowing Catalyst to pay for the multiple artists who helped execute the project.

For more information about Catalysts Columbus, go to http://www.catalystcolumbus.art/