COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Linden self-driving shuttle is out of operation after a person fell on that shuttle just yesterday.

Since this shuttle has been put into action on Feb. 5, Smart Columbus has recorded around 50 people riding the shuttle around the Linden area and no problems.

Both of the shuttles are sitting in a garage until shuttles’ provider can come and inspect the vehicles to make sure they’re safe

This is all because someone fell on the shuttle.

“Yesterday, the vehicle was traveling at 5.6 miles per hour and made a sudden stop, and there were two passengers on board, and one of the passengers was jostled from her seat and as a result, she did seek medical attention from that incident,” said Alyssa Chenault of SMART Columbus, the company operating the shuttles. “We’re looking into that and we’re in the introductory phase of collecting information on that.”

No word on how serious the woman’s injuries are.

“We’re erring out of the side of caution, and so as a result, we’ll have the vehicles out of operation,” Chenault said.

It’s the first incident involving these driverless shuttles.

Resident Charles Nowlin said while he has not used the shuttle yet, he sees the benefit it has to some of Linden’s residents.

“It’s a step up for this community,” he said, adding he’s seen several people using the shuttle to get to St. Stephens to get some essential items.

“It allows people that don’t have access to St. Stephens to get produce that they wouldn’t have access to,” he said.

The only other reason the shuttles have been out of operation was because of the weather.