DELAWARE, Ohio (WCMH) — NBC4 is looking for THE best light displays in Central Ohio. We narrowed it down to four and we’re introducing you to our first winner!

Joey Suarez got inspired for his display from the classic holiday movie itself.

“I started in 2008 I have always been a fan of Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase,” explained Suarez.

And now, Joey Suarez can safely say he’s exceeded his goal of 100 thousand lights at his home in Delaware. 

“I used to decorate my moms house when I was younger,” expressed Suarez. “When I was a teenager I started buying lights for my mom’s house.”

He tells NBC4 he has people come in from neighboring cities to see his display.

“This year has exploded! I have total 120, 35 lights. There’s LED lights, 20,000 LED light show and the archways I made myself.”

Joey says he did it all himself and it took over 200 hours to complete. He also says his electric bill went up about $500 when he had 68,000 lights so he expects a few hundred dollars more this year.

One of Joey’s fans that has been following his display for 11 years got in touch with Beverly D’Angelo, Mrs. Griswold in Christmas Vacation. She sent Joey a special shout out, commending his display and jokingly telling him he’s causing power issues in Los Angeles.

‘”I’m in Los Angeles and I’m trying to find out why we have all these power outages and it seems to be your fault,” explained D’Angelo.

Suarez says next year, he’s planning to fill his lawn with lights!

If you’d like to see Suarez’s display, just plug in 7840 Overland Trail, Delaware, OH into your GPS.

We will introduce you to winner #2 on Thursday on NBC4 TODAY!