COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – As the high temperatures and humid weather moves in, LifeCare Alliance is kicking off it’s annual fan campaign. 

Starting this week, the non-profit is asking people to donate a fan so that seniors won’t have to suffer through the heat. Chuck Ghering, president and CEO of LifeCare Alliance, said helping seniors deal with the heat is vital. ​

“This year, the fan campaign is even more critical because of coronavirus,” Ghering said. “As you heard, one great way to get viruses and allergies out of your house is to get some circulation going. Get the windows open.”

Sometimes, it can get hotter inside than out and more than one fan is needed.​

“To some people, we give more than one fan,” Ghering said. “If you’re an elderly person on a walker for example, we don’t want you moving your fan between your living area and your bedroom.”

Ghering understands times are hard, but is asking folks to help if they can.

“We hope people will continue to give us fans,” he said. “We know people are struggling this year financially and might be out of work. If you can’t do it, you can’t do it but central Ohio is always generous. I hope others will step in and assist as best they can.”

You can drop off a new fan at any central Ohio fire station or at LifeCare Alliance.