COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — This month’s “Mom Boss” spent most of her career practicing law and climbing the corporate ladder, all the way to the executive level.

Life was fulfilling for Nicci Hicks, a mother of two young children, but like many people, she found herself wanting to pivot during the pandemic. Ultimately, she made the choice to follow her heart out of the boardroom and into the showroom by opening a women’s boutique, aptly named “Pivot”.

“I just thought, man, I don’t want to live with any lingering regrets,” said Nicci. “Honestly my kids would sit there and watch me every day grinding out,  and I wanted them to see me doing something I’ve always wanted to do, to in a way hopefully encourage them to pursue their dreams in the future.”

A self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, Nicci credits her children with helping her make the decision to make the leap into a new career. She also credits them with making her a better mother.  

“I remember one night probably 10:30 or 11:00pm, my daughter comes in, she wakes up and says ‘Mom, what are you still doing working. You’re supposed to be asleep,'” said Nicci, “and it was that moment that I really just thought, and other moments like that, wow, our kids are really watching what we’re doing.”

As far as the idea of work-life balance, Nicci said, “I feel like work-life balance is almost like a misnomer. I feel like what balance means is you have to take something off and replace it with something else. So really, it’s just finding time for each thing that’s important to you. So, I feel like that’s the key. Maybe not the balance, but how you can make life work for yourself.”

You can watch our full interview with Nicci, including her advice to her daughter everyday, the role that family plays in Nicci’s success, the importance of a support system, and the thing that helps her and her husband stay on track in the video player below.