LANCASTER, Ohio (WCMH) — Three Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office corrections employees have lost their jobs after reports that they were leading wrestling matches between inmates.

Two of the participants resigned, and a third has been terminated, according to Sheriff Alex Lape.

Corrections Officer Kyle Archibald and Deputy Shawn Pettet resigned prior to their pre-disciplinary hearings, and Corrections Officer Landon Talbott was terminated after his pre-disciplinary hearing, Lape said. The internal review was completed on Sept. 16 for the July 21 incident.

When NBC4 asked by email for confirmation that Fairfield County Jail corrections officers were placed on administrative leave due to reports that they were leading wrestling matches between inmates, Sheriff Lape wrote back:

“It was approximately 10 minutes in duration. This type of conduct is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“My concern is that our other employees who come to work daily and do the right things will receive a negative focus for the foolish conduct of the three.”