COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Communities across central Ohio have spent the day focused on cleaning up after Monday night’s storms.

Down power lines and trees across all of Knox County. A lot of people in Fredericktown have been up all night because of the storms. Several say that it’s the first storm that really hit the area hard. The whir of the chainsaws and hum of generators. It can be heard all around the village of Fredericktown.

“We heard the trees — we heard them hitting the roof — disaster zone,” described Randy Mitchell.

Rich Roberts added, “It was almost like the windows were gonna come in, I mean it was that powerful.”

Strong winds – that’s what residents say caused most of the damage Monday night.

“All of a sudden it’s like I said something hit the house because it shook the house,” said Jaci Brewer, describing the first round of storms Monday night. Brewer was shocked when she saw the tree in her front yard – now draped across her neighbor’s car and roof.

“The Impala is definitely totaled which is a bummer: we just got our roof done last year so I’m sad,” said neighbor Angie Anderson. Anderson says she heard a large boom and originally thought it was her trampoline.

She’s thankful no one was hurt. “It’s overwhelming — you know now we have a lot to figure out, a lot to clean, and I don’t know when help is coming to help clean and hook things back up.”

Cleaning up and getting power is all expected to take some time. The Fire Chief Scott Mast expects power to be out for the next several days. He says keeping folks cool will be a priority and if anyone needs help to pay them a visit.

“Here at the station of course we have a generator so we’re more than willing to do the same also do if someone needs to get cool, they’re more than welcome to come here.”

Mast is also urging people to stay away from any downlines – you never know when the power could kick back on.