BEXLEY, Ohio (WCMH)– School will soon be looking a lot different for students this fall, and it’s still unclear for a lot of districts how exactly learning will happen. Some schools have already established their plans but others are still weighing their options.

One Columbus mom of four is not a fan of any DIY but knew this project was something she needed to tackle. 

“I hate this but, it’s purely out of necessity,” said Hilary Harkins Myers. “It’s been two months that I’ve been researching and testing materials.”

Harkins Myers knew she wanted to find a solution to her anxiety about sending three of her four kids back into a classroom: “The Virus Veil.”

“They touch their face, and their constantly adjusting,” she added.”I didn’t feel like for the entire school day they could make it with a mask.”

Her kids attend Bexley schools, and they won’t know how the kids will be learning until a little closer to the start date. This is why she decided to be proactive and create something herself.

“It’s kind of like a face shield and mask in one but everything is contained,” she explained.

She says there was a lot of trial and error. She had to do some extensive research and make the veils with a variety of materials. She finally found the perfect combination that she believes will help keep her kids safe.

Although there is nothing proven that these veils actually protect against COVID-19, this mom of four believes it’s a way for not only her but her kids to feel comfortable in school.

She knows that some parents may think this is a little too much but for her family, its a way to protect them against this invisible enemy.

“I told them be prepared to be made fun of! But they like it.”

She hopes her project inspires other parents to find innovative ways to keep their kids safe this fall. You can check out The Virus Veil online HERE. She also listed all the materials she used in case anyone wants to duplicate her design.